Our Expertise

Copy that Converts

Words are your connection to readers hearts and buying decisions. It has never been more important to create copy which sells and I can help you do exactly that.



Copywriting, proofreading and editing of online and offline content.

Transcription of audio and video content.

Content Marketing Strategy and Planning

Is your website content out of date and offering no real value to your readers? Without meaningful content your will not deliver value to your readers and will be a huge turn off to potential clients. I can help you make smarter, achievable decisions about what content to create and how.


I can conduct a Content Marketing Audit

Content Marketing Strategic Advice

Hire me as your Content Marketing Advisor

Give your Content Management the human touch


Copywriting for Infopreuneurs

People want  to information. Fast. If you are selling a product or service and offering products such as E books and hosting webinars you are an infopreuneur.

I can help you create all types of online information-landing pages, cheat sheets, E  Books, media kits-the (copy) worlds your oyster!


Create, Plan and Write the E Book you have been wanting to write since forever. Share your gift with the world!

I can proofread and edit your draft and suggest improvements (or you can hire me to make it super duper professional).

Transcribe your webinars and videos for maximum accessibility for your audience.


I am there when you want to take your product to market. So who and what is your market?

I integrate digital and traditional marketing to help my clients achieve the best results possible.


Overwhelmed by all of the marketing options? A  Strategic Marketing session will be your marketing power hour.

Copywriting for your Social Media accounts and your e-mail marketing. Posts and adverts galore with calls to action thrown in for good measure.

I could even create a strategic marketing plan and manage your social media accounts  and  e-mail marketing on a daily basis. Engaging with your community and helping them feel valued is all part of the service.

Overwhelmed by all of the marketing options? I believe in using simple and actionable processes which can be replicated across your business. A  Strategic Marketing session will be your marketing power hour.

Corporate Copywriting

I have a plethora of experience with corporate clients writing bids and putting together white papers and other official documentation.

High-Quality Photography

Project Not on the List? Now I am intrigued. Get in touch at thehouseofletters (at) gmail(dot) com to find out how I can make your copy dreams a reality.















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