How to Resonate with Your Clients

  • Empathy 

Readers can tell when they are being “sold” to online and it is essential to take a step back and empathise with your audience. The best way to empathise with your potential audience is to put yourself in their shoes. Quite literally!  What keeps your potential customer up at night? 


  • Embrace the Unique 

Your customers are unique individuals and so are you. How are you going to stand out from other competitors. Instead of manufacturing a faux professional personality why not be yourself? Embrace your quirks and integrate them into your business.


  • Harness Curiosity

When you start reading a book you put it down if you are not at least a little bit intrigued in what is happening. Intrigue and curiosity leads to investment, whether it is with time or money,  generate  curiosity in your business.



3 Successful Strategies to Manage Your Brand



1. Think of Yourself as a Brand Leader not just a Manager.

Brand management is so much more than making sure that your logo and online identity remains consistent. The most inspiring brand leaders are active within their organisation and become business leaders within their field.

2. A Brand Manager brings their brand to LIFE and inspires others along the way. 

It is a Brand Mangers role to see the business from many different perspectives. Brand leaders succeed because they inspire others within the organisation to take up the brand baton whilst living and breathing the values that the manager creates.

3.No Matter the Size of your Business if your brand is Growing your Business is Growing Too. 

At the core of it brand management doesn’t just drives sales, it is the lifeblood of your organisation. A great brand manager inspires employees to exceed their goals and  reach their potential. You will see the results in your all important financial accounts, marketing and PR presence and customer feedback.

NURTURE your brand. 

How Can I Become a Brand Leader and GROW my Business?









3 Lessons in Brand Story Telling


We aren’t just marketing experts we are accomplished storytellers and we have helped many businesses, large and small tell their personal brand story. 
We listen before we tell. 
We understand that you have to start by listening. It’s important to take yourself out of the story and see the wider picture. Prose or fiction can be personal – storytelling for business usually isn’t. You want every person in the company to see themselves in the story and  The House of Letters want to connect with your business audience on an emotional level.

We make people feel good about things.
People don’t want to hear about their problems instead  they want answers and solutions. We aim to try to engage as many people as possible in the most positive way whether it is the branding used on your social media channels, your company culture, website copy  to the effectiveness of your business card.

We make stories that inspire people to do something. 

It can’t just be a catchy hook or beautiful images. It has to get people to act!

Our business strategist can help you tell your businesses unique brand story. 


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Remember Remember to Promote Your Business!

With Christmas and New Year celebrations on the horizon now is the time to boost your PR strategy. We can craft the perfect press release for your business after a friendly phone consultation and give your small business the coverage it deserves!



All I Want for Christmas is a Successful PR Campaign!

Image:Creative Commons
Image:Creative Commons

Tinsel is starting to appear in the shops and Christmas songs are blasting from the speakers in all of the major supermarkets. If you are a small business then it is not too late to start planning your Christmas PR campaign.

The best PR strategies keep things simple and are inexpensive. Add a dose of creativity and smart thinking and your PR strategy is ready to make your business shine!

Keep Your Target Demographic Updated with News

Press releases still work and they are especially useful on social media channels as they don’t cost much to distribute. There are rules to creating a professional press release such as quality over quantity and not bombarding your target audience with one month of coverage. Regular news spread throughout the festive season informing customers of fundraising (it is the festival of goodwill!), special offers and deals is a great way of boosting your businesses brand whilst attracting customers at the same time.

Become a Expert in Your Field

Becoming an expert in your field can add kudos to your company and brand development. Fusing case studies with articles adds credibility to your knowledge and even the smallest business can become a “thought leader” by creating a few well pitched and researched articles.

Get Social

Integrating your offline PR with social media is a must these days. News travels fast through Facebook, Twitter, blogs and Youtube. Social media is a great way of  reinforcing the success of offline media so make sure your channel success through using your social media channels effectively.

Meet with Your PR Company 

The best PR campaigns are successful because goals are constantly refreshed and campaigns evaluated. Meetings should be a chance for clients and PR professionals to spark ideas and here at the House of Letters we see it as an essential  way of working with clients effectively.

Monitoring Results

Measuring and maintaining results is a serious business and here   and we deliver reports to our clients on a monthly basis. We see our business relationship as a long term investment and we want you to be successful. Goal setting and evaluation of results is essential.

Our best tips for a Christmas PR campaign? Play to your strengths and be adaptable. Target your media and create unique content!

Would you like help with your Christmas PR campaign or are you planning your New Year budget? Feel free to contact us by filling in the form below, tweet us @thehouseofletters or have a free phone consultation by ringing 07890803654. 





Keep Calm and Change Your Password




Most internet users change their passwords regularly. It seems that there is a cyber attack every few days, from iCloud  image hacks to phishing scams and as a business we take this very seriously. We often advise our clients to monitor their  e mail and social media accounts for malicious activity as it can happen to any business from your local village shop to a huge corporate giant like Microsoft. Hackers don’t discriminate!

On Closer Inspection….

A list of almost 5 million combinations of Gmail addresses and passwords were posted online on Tuesday however the passwords seem to be old, and they don’t appear to actually belong to Gmail accounts.  Instead, it seems that many of the passwords were taken from websites where users used their Gmail addresses to register for updates, according to some of the leak’s victims as well as security experts.  The passwords were originally posted on a Russian Bitcoin forum

A Google spokesman has said that  there is “no evidence that our systems have been compromised,” and security experts seem to agree that the passwords are either old Gmail passwords obtained through phishing, or are passwords that were actually used on other sites.

Now is not the time to panic! However follow these handy tips and it will maximise your e mail account security for the future.

Get Security Savvy

Every email service provider has different security measures that are their to protect your account such as two step verification which means that no one can access your account unless they have your mobile phone as well. They  send emails to their customers like your account is being attempted to compromised from different IP addresses. Please change your password.

Choose a Complicated E mail Address

It may not look cool but there more special characters and numbers you can add the better. This is so no one can guess it through your name.

Create a SECURE password

Again create a complicated password which does not involve your name. For example the first method hackers will use is your “first name”  or a phrase or pet name that people know you by. All good passwords are original and are not replicated from other accounts you may have.  A good password will contain a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters; numbers; and/or special characters such as %, $, and +. I=. Treat your password like a pin number. No one needs to know!

Answer your Security Questions Wisel

Ensure that your answers cannot be easily guessed or researched and does not change over time. It should be simple and memorable information that is memorable in your life (but not everyone else’s)

Confidential Information

Your e mail and password are confidential information. No one except a hacker who wants to obtain access your account will ask you for this information.  If you receive unsolicited e mails IGNORE them. Do not respond to them and give them information. These e mails are from fraudsters!











It’s Great to be Back in Bangor!


Blog Post by Amy Briscoe, Founder and Creative Director

Bangor is a great city.

It has always been a great city, a city of learning, famous for it’s breathtaking views of the Menai Straits, on the doorstep of Snowdonia and its  stunning neighbour, the island of Anglesey just a short distance away.

I discovered Bangor at the age of eighteen when I arrived at Bangor University Halls to settle in to start my degree in Linguistics, my  worldly belongings crammed into two large suitcases.  By the end of my time I had achieved a first class degree and a David Crystal Scholarship. It set me up for the next five years of my life.  The careers department which run the Go Wales scheme gave me the confidence, skills and knowledge to pursue marketing roles and learn my craft. The Freelancer Academy and B-Enterprise sessions laid the foundations of my marketing and PR enterprise, The House of Letters.

If there is one thing I have learnt since graduation it that you never stop learning.  I relish learning new skills in areas such as app development, coding, graphic design, professional practice in marketing and PR as well as video marketing. In the House of Letters office there is no fanfare, fireworks or a song and dance-at least not yet. I am taking it one step at a time and hopefully building up a great client base doing what I do best-putting the delivery of sustainable, long-term benefits to our clients above the grasping for short-term commercial gain.

Moving from the coast to Bangor has not been a decision I have took lightly. Bangor is the hub of North Wales, where thousands travel to each year to visit and tens of thousands of students flock here to learn. The local people are a friendly bunch and always offer you a panad (cup of tea). There are some great business in and around the Bangor area and I look forward to meeting and working with you all at some point in the future.

We offer a cost effective range of services which include all aspects of marketing and PR, including social media assistance as well as expert copywriting services which cover all manner of written content from bid writing and official documents to blogs and journalistic features for use in the press. Get in touch today or tweet us @houseofletters for a friendly response.