The Lowdown on Changes in Social Media in 2017 for Business

Social media has kept everyone on their toes this year with highly anticipated updates (yes we are looking at you Twitter) and in this blog post I am going to look at the main social media sites and how businesses can apply these changes and use them in their own social media planning.


Facebook is reigning over the kingdom of social media. It has improved its offering by providing a “one-stop shop” offering an abundance of new features and functions to maintain its strong community on its platform.

2 Way Video

Video is growing and will be a huge asset in the coming year so that businesses can harness their reach.

Facebook is going beyond using “Facebook Live” so that you can now have two-way conversations no matter where you are in the world. Imagine all of the guest interviews you can hold at a click of a button. Facebook is making video easy so what are you waiting for?

Video is the way to go. Don’t worry about bumbling those words because we have video scripts covered.

Facebook Stories (For Business)

Inspired by Instagram Stories Facebook are now rolling out Facebook stories on their business platforms so if you have a visually appealing product, location (or life!) this is an avenue you NEED to explore.

It will be interesting to see how Facebook appeals to their demographic as it is slightly different to Instagram and they will probably want to access different content.

Engagement Bait going to the Back of the Queue

Facebook has been favoring paid for content for a long time, switching free content into a secondary feed. It is interesting how businesses have respond ed to an increase in advertising spend. How can businesses overcome this?

  1. Use Groups-Share updates and content that is relevant to your customers and industry. Facebook are favoring groups over pages so take advantage whilst you can.
  2. Brand Champions– Use employees/clients and customers as advocates for your business. These will show in feeds and groups you are not far part of therefore increasing your reach and network.
  3. Tag and check in whilst out and about.

Link Groups to Pages

There are half a billion users on groups and there is a feature that links your group and your page. Link it.


Instagram are famous for “Instagram Stories” but the new feature they are pushing is following hashtags. You can try this now. Search for a hashtag you use a lot and you are given the option to follow that hashtag. You will notice that the people who follow these hashtags start showing up on your feed without you having to follow them. This increases your chance of being discovered by a new audience. Cool, huh?

Instagram Stories (Again!)

We are obsessed and we think you should be too.


There are so many options for tagging, # and location tags mean your content is being put in front of more people than ever.


Polls combined with stories gives a dynamic element to social media interaction. This boosts your chances of being featured the suggestions column.


Stories can hang around for longer than 24 hours with a highlights feature.

The biggest tip for Instagram is to stay on brand. Keep your content engaging and relevant and don’t forget that people respond to originality.


Twitter seems to have had the least changes this year but the biggest change which have been popping up on your newsfeed is the increase of characters from 140-280 characters.

1. Don’t Ramble – Don’t waste words. Be concise and straight to the point.Perceive the extra characters as a bonus.

2. More hashtags – Experiment with two (or more)

3.Tag people in photos but be careful not to spam.


Linkedin has upped its game with video and has made the interface slicker and easier to navigate on the go.


Pinterest is the one to watch with over half of the people pinning a product going onto purchase. Pinterest is a no brainer for product and service-based businesses.