3 Questions to Consider when Refreshing Web Copy


The power of words is often underestimated by entrepreuneurs, but words are at the heart of your customer journey. So where are you taking your readers and potential customers when they visit your website?

Refreshing web copy is a valuable opportunity  to reach out to readers and not just practice a spot of digital  feng shui. You get to re-evaluate your business goals, enhance website user journeys, archive all of the content that serves no purpose and update your copy with an up to date preposition which hooks new readers and potential customers in seconds.

Your website may have had  redesign but what if your words are lack lustre and lack personality. To put it simply what if your words suck?

It is a depressing reality that a business can overhaul its website,  start a shiny new content strategy but recycle the same tired words from the previous website. A website refresh and a copy refresh go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other.

1.Do I know what I am doing?

AKA Strategy

Think carefully about the motivations behind creating a particular piece of content. Remember that great copy has great purpose from the first word.

2. Am I Making Life Easy for my Readers?

Effortlessness is the cornerstone of a positive user experience and in the digital world your readers are the reason you exist. Creating easily acciesible web content is a simple way of boosting your copy conversion rate. Your reader will be asking themselves if your content is worth clicking around your website. So make it an easy and natural effort and don’t forget to amaze your readers and entertain to create a memorable experience they will look forward to repeating again and again.

3. Is my website FRESH?

You have planned the page and you know your target audience so why is it just plain boring? Clear out the old cliches and ask yourself am I showing rather than telling? Am I talking about what we do in a fresh and creative way? Am I considering whether anyone will CARE for the words? Does it have tone and personality? Does this sound like another website or blog on the internet?

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