We aren’t just marketing experts we are accomplished storytellers and we have helped many businesses, large and small tell their personal brand story. 
We listen before we tell. 
We understand that you have to start by listening. It’s important to take yourself out of the story and see the wider picture. Prose or fiction can be personal – storytelling for business usually isn’t. You want every person in the company to see themselves in the story and  The House of Letters want to connect with your business audience on an emotional level.

We make people feel good about things.
People don’t want to hear about their problems instead  they want answers and solutions. We aim to try to engage as many people as possible in the most positive way whether it is the branding used on your social media channels, your company culture, website copy  to the effectiveness of your business card.

We make stories that inspire people to do something. 

It can’t just be a catchy hook or beautiful images. It has to get people to act!

Our business strategist can help you tell your businesses unique brand story. 


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2 thoughts

  1. Thank you, this was very insightful blog post. I have noticed that I am good at story telling but struggled with the call to action. I am working on it with a business writer coach. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. Storytelling is an essential part of creating interesting and shareable business copy. Please feel free to share this post with friends 🙂

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