Image:Creative Commons
Image:Creative Commons

Tinsel is starting to appear in the shops and Christmas songs are blasting from the speakers in all of the major supermarkets. If you are a small business then it is not too late to start planning your Christmas PR campaign.

The best PR strategies keep things simple and are inexpensive. Add a dose of creativity and smart thinking and your PR strategy is ready to make your business shine!

Keep Your Target Demographic Updated with News

Press releases still work and they are especially useful on social media channels as they don’t cost much to distribute. There are rules to creating a professional press release such as quality over quantity and not bombarding your target audience with one month of coverage. Regular news spread throughout the festive season informing customers of fundraising (it is the festival of goodwill!), special offers and deals is a great way of boosting your businesses brand whilst attracting customers at the same time.

Become a Expert in Your Field

Becoming an expert in your field can add kudos to your company and brand development. Fusing case studies with articles adds credibility to your knowledge and even the smallest business can become a “thought leader” by creating a few well pitched and researched articles.

Get Social

Integrating your offline PR with social media is a must these days. News travels fast through Facebook, Twitter, blogs and Youtube. Social media is a great way of  reinforcing the success of offline media so make sure your channel success through using your social media channels effectively.

Meet with Your PR Company 

The best PR campaigns are successful because goals are constantly refreshed and campaigns evaluated. Meetings should be a chance for clients and PR professionals to spark ideas and here at the House of Letters we see it as an essential  way of working with clients effectively.

Monitoring Results

Measuring and maintaining results is a serious business and here   and we deliver reports to our clients on a monthly basis. We see our business relationship as a long term investment and we want you to be successful. Goal setting and evaluation of results is essential.

Our best tips for a Christmas PR campaign? Play to your strengths and be adaptable. Target your media and create unique content!

Would you like help with your Christmas PR campaign or are you planning your New Year budget? Feel free to contact us by filling in the form below, tweet us @thehouseofletters or have a free phone consultation by ringing 07890803654. 






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