Blog Post by Amy Briscoe, Founder and Creative Director

Bangor is a great city.

It has always been a great city, a city of learning, famous for it’s breathtaking views of the Menai Straits, on the doorstep of Snowdonia and its  stunning neighbour, the island of Anglesey just a short distance away.

I discovered Bangor at the age of eighteen when I arrived at Bangor University Halls to settle in to start my degree in Linguistics, my  worldly belongings crammed into two large suitcases.  By the end of my time I had achieved a first class degree and a David Crystal Scholarship. It set me up for the next five years of my life.  The careers department which run the Go Wales scheme gave me the confidence, skills and knowledge to pursue marketing roles and learn my craft. The Freelancer Academy and B-Enterprise sessions laid the foundations of my marketing and PR enterprise, The House of Letters.

If there is one thing I have learnt since graduation it that you never stop learning.  I relish learning new skills in areas such as app development, coding, graphic design, professional practice in marketing and PR as well as video marketing. In the House of Letters office there is no fanfare, fireworks or a song and dance-at least not yet. I am taking it one step at a time and hopefully building up a great client base doing what I do best-putting the delivery of sustainable, long-term benefits to our clients above the grasping for short-term commercial gain.

Moving from the coast to Bangor has not been a decision I have took lightly. Bangor is the hub of North Wales, where thousands travel to each year to visit and tens of thousands of students flock here to learn. The local people are a friendly bunch and always offer you a panad (cup of tea). There are some great business in and around the Bangor area and I look forward to meeting and working with you all at some point in the future.

We offer a cost effective range of services which include all aspects of marketing and PR, including social media assistance as well as expert copywriting services which cover all manner of written content from bid writing and official documents to blogs and journalistic features for use in the press. Get in touch today or tweet us @houseofletters for a friendly response. 



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