Image: Stuart Miles
Image: Stuart Miles


Week 3 of our Let’s Get Social blog series has come around quickly. So far our social media adventures have took us into the nitty gritty of Facebook analytics and content and today we are dipping our toe into the pond of Twitter. The overall aim of  using Twitter  is to increase your followers and maximise your businesses influence and social media reach.  Here are Twitter tricks which will make your  online marketing and PR strategy shine!

Twitter Tricks

Your business profile picture is the first thing that people see so make sure that it is professional and easily identifiable with your business. Secondly, try and integrate as many of your business keywords into your Twitter biography within the 160 character limit. This makes you more searchable on Twitter and contributes to your search engine ranking too.

One of the best tips I can give you is to engage your  readers with interesting content and information. When it comes to following other users  try not to follow hundreds of people at a time. It sends out the signal that you may be a bot! Retweet interesting and relevant tweets to your industry and participate in popular conversations relevant to your marketing strategy.

Create useful and informative tweets and try and avoid mundane tweets that you may use on your personal Twitter account about everyday activities.  Also it is important that you maintain your professional image  not  complaining, swearing or being abusive to other people.   Make sure that you tweet regularly and not every few months as this could lead to you losing followers.   The process of online engagement is about fostering online relationships over a long term, a core aspect of your social media marketing strategy.

In our next post we shall be delving into the world of  ROI and measurement tools.  If there are any topics you would like us to cover in the Let’s Get Social Series please get in touch and send an e mail to

Amy Briscoe is the Founder and Creative Director of  The House of Letters a  PR and Marketing  creative communications consultancy based in Llandudno, North Wales, which specialises in marketing, PR  and creative services such as graphic design and photography.   Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more useful articles and information!







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