Image courtesy of Taoty /
Image courtesy of Taoty /

Welcome to the second post in our Let’s Get Social blog series brought to you by The House of Letters, a  friendly Marketing and PR consultancy based in North Wales. In our first post you begun to understand the Facebook metric system Edgerank and the factors which influence your posts ranking on a Facebook  users feed. It is not too late to catch up on week 1 The Science Behind Facebook Metrics. Subscribe today or give us a call and we can help you convert likes into sales!

Create an Interaction

Most businesses see Facebook as a form of  free advertising, however in order to create a solid online presence and  loyal following it is essential to create a two way interaction.  Each time a user posts a comment on a comment on a picture or asks a question, it is essential to respond. If you post regularly and create original content that creates affinity and dialogue you will be on the way to increasing your Facebook influence.

Interesting Content is Vital

As a business you also have to consider how you are going to entertain your followers and keep that all important interaction flowing.  This is the best time to entertain them, teach them something, discuss changes in your product or ask for feedback. For example Coca Cola’s Facebook contains excellent lessons in social media marketing.

  • At the moment the World Cups is trending worldwide so there are tens of thousands of likes for posts that refer or are connected to celebrating the world cup.
  • People really love animals so posts that feature a video or image of a cute animal connected with world cup promotions are generating  hundreds of thousands of likes, posts and comments.
  • The  tagging your name with a picture of your  bottle  is also garnering thousands of likes because they tap into a sense of ownership and belonging.

What can we learn from Coca Cola?

Through learning from huge corporate brands we can apply the principles of building trust through entertainment and communication not  just through directly selling your product. The advert always receives less attention in the post.

Comments are King

Positive comments act as referrals for your business. One of the best ways to build a great Facebook presence is to get a customer to mention your business in a Facebook update or to post on a comment directly to your page. Your business visibility will increase on users newsfeeds and your Facebook business page will command more of a presence and influence.

In our next post we shall be delving into the world of Twitter and uncovering the secrets of the Twitterarti.  If there are any topics you would like us to cover in the Let’s Get Social Series please get in touch  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more useful articles and information!


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