Facebook Analytics

Would you like to connect with over a billion users today? As marketing and PR specialists in North Wales we often advise clients that Facebook is an essential tool which can be used to drive sales and business loyalty.If you haven’t created a Facebook business page yet your business or brand is definitely missing out.  Facebook have devised a  system called Edgerank  which  influences the order of posts on users timelines taking into consideration the following factors. In the first blog of our Let’s Get Social blog series here is an explanation of the factors which influence your position and impact on Facebook.


This is the relationship between users and the page. If a user has been liked, shared or has attracted comments it will appear higher on the users Facebook feed.


The method by which Facebook places a value on each action according to the effort required. For example, posting a video or writing a comment requires more effort than simply pressing the “like” or “share”  button.

Time Decay

As time passes posts disappear down Facebook users feeds as it loses relevance. One way to combat this is to update your page and post regularly. One way to do this effectively is to schedule tweets in advance, a lesson we will cover in our  Let’s Get Social series.

In our next post we shall be explaining how you can improve your Facebook presence, attract more likes and create more sales. If there are any topics you would like us to cover in the Let’s Get Social Series please get in touch thehouseofletters@gmail.com.


Amy Briscoe is the Founder and Creative Director of  The House of Letters a  PR and Marketing  creative communications consultancy based in Llandudno, North Wales, which specialises in marketing, PR  and creative services such as graphic design and photography.   Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more useful articles and information!


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