#metroselfie Sony World Photogrpahy Awards Exhibition 2014
© Amy Briscoe 2014

Photographer and young entrepreneur Amy Briscoe has won the opportunity to have a photograph exhibited at the prestigious Sony World Photography Organisation Awards Exhibition 2014 at Somerset House in London.

The World Photography Organisation and Metro Imaging ran an online competition asking entrants for a fresh take on the infamous self-portrait or “selfie”, and post their entries on Instagram tagging themselves using the hashtag #metroprintselfie. Fifty finalists from all over the world have been selected to have their work showcased for the competition, alongside other award winners in various categories at the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition 2014, alongside international photographers and industry experts at Somerset House; the home of London Fashion Week and the British Fashion Council.

Amy’s  images are influenced by the photographer Tom Wood and the painter L S Lowry who bring landscapes and the day-to-day experiences of people to life through their work.

“I have entered a few local competitions but this was my first attempt at an international competition. I think apps such as Instagram bring a whole new audience into the world of photography and it is an innovative medium. The word “selfie” made it into the Oxford English Dictionary last year and it is the most popular way for people to express themselves.

I used objects that are important to myself  in my everyday life to bring a personal aspect to my “selfie” and arranged them to create the illusion of a self-portrait whilst I wasn’t physically present in the photo itself. I am honoured to be part of such a huge event in the photography industry and it has encouraged me to keep on taking photographs and integrate professional and artistic photography into my business”

The winning photograph in the category will be picked by exhibition visitors, and the winning photographer in her category will take home a Sony Xperia Z2 at the end of the exhibition.  The Sony World Photography Awards will be open to the public at Somerset House from the 1st to the 18th May.


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