Transform Your Business Through the Power of Words

I am a communications expert and professional wordsmith (copywriter) assisting businesses, consultants and freelancers grow their business through the power of words.

Words are at the heart of all communications and I translate word mastery into marketing and public relations strategy. I offer services across Wales, the Northwest and beyond. I work virtually anywhere.

I take the latest marketing tactics and turn them into simple, actionable processes which can be replicated across a range of business so that my clients boost their bottom-line and grow.

You Are in the Right Place If:

  • Marketing Your Business is always last on Your To-Do List.
  • You were meant to update your website copy last year (and write an E Book)
  • Your content marketing strategy has officially got no strategy (and no results)
  • You are constantly in “learning mode” but it’s taking too long to find what you need.  You want what you need to know now to apply it to your business faster (With Support)
  • Don’t have the confidence or the knowledge to be your own bona fide PR Boss.

Are you ready to

  • KNOW your business purpose and make it the centre of all your communications.
  • Your clients respond to YOU so make sure there is a double dose of you in your copy.
  • Make your key marketing message STAND OUT to your readers through formatting and wordsmith ninja tricks.

Get in touch to find out how to attract your IDEAL clients with communication strategies that sound like YOU.

thehouseofletters (at) gmail (dot) com